"How’s my disguise?"


Should I watch Attack On Titan, Sword Art Online, or Hetalia: Axis Powers?


You all were really helpful last time (I loved Ouran!), so please please tell me your favorites again! :) :) :)

Hetalia e.e

Call from the french part of the fandom, please read.

This is a call from all the people who love hetalia around the world :D
The french part of the fandom need your help.
Actually, we haven’t the chance to read the manga in french because there isn’t any editors who licencied it. But we all want to see it one day in our countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland,…)
We know that english fan can found the manga like germans, chinese etc… We are the only community to don’t have it, and it isn’t a question of censure.
So today we need the help of the fandom, to sign our petition. We all knew that it’s a question of right and popularity but we just want to read and have it… We want to dream that an editor will finally publish it.
So please share and call all the french people lf the fandom to sign it. If the others people who aren’t french can too, it will be wonderful.
Thank you all who wiml help us ♡

Sorry if i have do some mistake in the grammar or some thing else…

THE PETITION link: https://www.change.org/petitions/kaze-manga-edition-du-manga-axis-powers-hetalia-en-france


My Britain wallet and Euros for my weekend in Paris

Do you ship FrUk, or it’s just me? 

Last one and the games begin!



And now time for Hetalia football

Hetalians’ orgasm *